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Happy Easter from Smart Dog Training! 🐣

Keep you dog safe over Easter by...

Avoiding Chocolate 🍫

Chocolate, some sweets and gum are toxic to dogs and can be fatal for them, so ensure all Easter treats are kept way out of reach.

‼️ If you think your dog might have ingested something toxic, immediately call your vet or their emergency number for out of hours help.

Monitoring Decorations 🎈

Easter decorations like plastic eggs or Easter grass can be harmful if ingested by dogs, so keep them away.

Supervising Egg Hunts 🥚

If you're hiding Easter eggs, make sure your dog doesn't find and eat them, especially if they're filled with treats.

Securing Rubbish 🗑️

Dispose of Easter dinner leftovers securely to prevent your dog from rummaging through the trash and ingesting harmful foods.

Providing a Safe Space 🛌

If you're hosting guests or having a busy Easter, create a quiet area for your dog to retreat to if they feel overwhelmed.

Being Cautious with Plants 🪴

Some Easter plants, like lilies, can be toxic to dogs if ingested, so keep them out of reach.

Checking for Hazards 🪚

Before any Easter activities, scan your home and garden for potential hazards that could harm your dog.

Planing Ahead 🍫

If you're traveling or attending events, be extra vigilant and supervise your dog to ensure they're safe, and nothing toxic or hazardous to your dog is left accessible.

We wish all our members, families and their pets a very healthy and happy Easter! 🐣 Luke and the Smart Dog team 🐾

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