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Top 10 tips to keep your dog safe this summer

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Dogs pant and sweat through their pads to keep cool. But when it’s crazy hot 🥵 this isn’t always enough and our dog’s are at risk of heatstroke which can be fatal. So here are our top ten tips to keep your dog safe and happy in a heatwave.

1. Paddling pool

We love a dip and so do they, place your pup’s pool in a shady spot with cold but not freezing 🥶 water, or they’ll go into shock! Make sure it’s not too deep for little legs so they can reach the bottom and get out by themselves. If your pup is water shy, lead by example and demo how it’s done first, don’t push them, go at their pace. Even just shallow water will help release heat from their pads. Stroking water over their fur will also help.

2. Cool mats + ice packs

These have the same effect as tiled or stone floors. New self-cooling tech works with gel pressure, others you’ll need to freeze. Another cost friendly alternative is to freeze a water bottle wrap it in a cloth and place it in your dog’s bed.

3. Cold wet towels

A cold wet towel draped over your dog will help them cool their core body temperature down. Crucial when dealing with heatstroke on your way to the vets. Monitor closely and change when it’s no longer cool, or they’ll get even hotter!

4. Cool coats + collars

Cooling coats work better and for longer than wet towels. They remove heat from the dog’s body as water evaporates it’s chills them down. Cooling collars work like the mats, some need to be frozen ❄️ first. However if you need a quick fix freeze a wet tea-towel or wrap ice 🧊in a cloth around your dog’s neck.

5. Ice pops

Get creative and make doggie lollies with your pups favourite treats. Kong’s frozen with your dog’s food also work great. Our frenchie, Yogi, loves watermelon, 🍉 see if your dog likes frozen carrot 🥕 or apple. 🍏

6. Use a fan

A fan 💨 on your dog will help them cool off, by providing a gentle cool breeze when you place a few frozen water bottles in front.

7. Cold toys

Put your pup’s favoured toy in the freezer. If they love holding items in their mouth then this is a great way to cool them from the inside out. A knotted rice (uncooked) filled sock 🧦 works well too.

8. Sprays + sprinklers

Water mist sprays and garden sprinklers can be a fun way for your dog to keep their core temp low. Again let them go at their own pace or you might compromise trust.

9. Walk early + late

Avoiding the hottest times of the day means not exposing your dog to extreme heat. Do a short lead walk first thing in the morning before it gets hot and then later on in the evening as the sun sets. 🌅 If you visit a local stream with easy access for your dog to take a dip, even better. Keeping your dog on lead prevents over arousal and heat exhaustion. Hot tarmac burns paw pads. If you can’t hold your hand on the ground, they won't be able to walk on it either. Playing scent games inside or in the shade will be much safer and enjoyable for your dog. 🐕

10. Hydrate. Hydrate.  Hydrate.

We know dogs must drink to stay hydrated, yet it’s all too easy to forget they need access to water when we’re relaxing and enjoying ourselves. ☀️ Always take water out with you and let your pup drink in the shade.

Heatstroke 🔥 Spot the signs + prevent it

🥵 Heatstroke can be fatal and needs urgent veterinary attention.

🥵 Use these top ten tips 👆 to prevent your dog from overheating and getting stressed.

🥵 Be vigilant for signs of overheating, heavy panting or loss of energy. Stop in the shade, give your dog water and wet their coat. ☎️ Call your vet immediately.

🥵 NEVER leave a any pet alone in a car, even with the windows open. ☎️ Alert 999 immediately if a dog is trapped in a car on a hot day. 🔥

🥵 Squish face bull breed type dogs such as frenchies, pugs, boxers and older or overweight dogs can get heatstroke easily, even just from running!

🥵 Dogs excessively pant, can collapse, gums go purple and skin turns red. Pale coats burn easily, use sunscreen, provide water, wet them with a cold cloth and ☎️ call your vet immediately.

How do you prevent your pooch from overheating?

If you’ve any bright ideas 💡 we’d love to hear them. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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