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Unleashing Success! The Benefits of Ongoing Dog Training

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Devoted Dog Lovers of Camberley! Discover Why Ongoing Dog Training is Essential for your Furry Friend.

Lifelong friendship woman hugging dog
Lifelong Friendship

We get it – your pup is practically family. You love the wagging tail, the wet nose nudges, and the boundless energy that fills your home. But, let’s face it, our canine companions can sometimes test our patience with their mischief. That’s where ongoing dog training comes to the rescue. Meet Luke Wheldon from Smart Dog Training Camberley – your go-to guru for all things doggy! Today, Luke’s here to spill the kibble on why investing in training now is the key to preventing those pesky problem dog behaviours and foster a harmonious bond between you and your four-legged friend.

Happy Coackapoo puppy running back
Discover your pup's hidden talents!

1. Stress Less

You've heard the adage prevention is the best cure, and learning to train your dog with modern methods, will undoubtedly help you and your pal live stress free lives later on. Regardless of a dog's age and when they were adopted, dogs of all ages and backgrounds can be trained to live with us and save you from inevitable embarrassment and distress down the road.

2. Building a Solid Foundation

Just like building a house, training your dog lays down the foundation for a well-behaved, happy pet. Not only can you proactively prevent problems from happening, maintaining training will mean your dog will more often do what you want, when you want and ensure that you and your pup understand each other, making them feel more secure and confident in their surroundings.

Happy Labradoodle and Labrador dogs sitting
Did someone say cheese?

3. Communication is Key

Dogs are incredibly perceptive, but they don’t speak English – shocker, right? Ongoing training provides you with the tools to communicate effectively with your furry friend. Discover the secret language your dog speaks, communicate with them better, and prevent misunderstandings that lead to problem dog behaviours.

4. Better Emotional Health

A tired dog is a well-behaved dog! Ongoing training sessions provide mental enrichment, keeping your pup’s brain active and engaged. Engaging in regular dog training exercises not only exercises their mind but also helps expend their physical energy, reducing the likelihood of destructive behaviour derived from boredom.

Happy Beagle dog smiling
I definitely heard someone say cheese!

5. Social Butterflies

Is your dog the life of the paw-ty or a bit of a wallflower? Ongoing dog training provides opportunities for your pup to socialise with other dogs and humans, teaching them essential social skills. Socialisation not only helps to prevent aggressive behaviour but also makes your dog more adaptable to various situations, reducing anxiety and fear.

6. Preventing Problem Behaviours

One of the biggest perks of ongoing training is nipping those problem behaviours in the bud. Whether it’s excessive barking, digging, or chewing your favourite shoes, consistent training teaches your dog what’s acceptable and what’s not. By addressing these behaviours early, you can save yourself from headaches and create a calmer home.

Labrador Retriever dog sleeping calmly on bed with woman on laptop
You type, I'll count squirrels.

7. Strengthening the Bond

Training sessions aren’t just about teaching your dog commands; they are about strengthening the unique bond between you and your furry companion. Your dog learns to look up to you as their leader, creating a partnership based on love and understanding. Positive reinforcement techniques build trust, love, and mutual respect to ensure trust earned is never compromised, because should the bond break down it can lead to conflict and dog behaviour problems that will require ongoing professional help, and life long management to improve.

8. Confidence

We all want a confident companion. With knowledge and positive training experience your smart dog can become confident in a variety of situations and gain independence when you need them to cope with being left alone by themselves. An untrained dog may become anxious when separated and in severe case can lead to panic and destructive behaviour. With professional canine coaching you'll also gain confidence in you own handling skills, that will improve your relationship with your bestie.

Borzoi Russian Wolfhound dog with handler in the woods
Did someone say squirrels?

9. Success

A few dog training or puppy classes will get you started, but skills learnt fade quickly unless maintained. Dog training is a process not an event. We don't send children into the world after a few weeks of school and expect them to manage. Only through ongoing training can you further your dog's development and continue to set them and yourself, up for success.

10. Cost Effective

It's a false economy to think problems can fixed with dog training later. They can, but it will be hugely beneficial to your dog, your sanity, and your wallet if you start dog training now. That's one of the reasons why we offer Pricing Plans to save on your dog's training. We work closely with local vets and in some behaviour cases, costs can be reclaimed from pet insurance providers, to help you get your money back as quickly as possible. We clearly display all pricing on our site and will always advise you upfront what to expect.

Cute young puppy lying on grass looking
Your shoes are next!

So, Pup Parents...

Investing in your dogs development will make a noticeable change, one that will benefit you both greatly. Don’t wait for problem behaviours to rear their furry heads. Wanting a calm, good natured, friendly and responsive dog, doesn't just happen. Unleash the full potential of your canine companion and discover your dog’s hidden talents. Remember, a well trained dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog means bliss for both of you.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey?

Contact Smart Dog Training Camberley today, and watch your pup change into the well-mannered, joyful companion you’ve always dreamed of. Your furry friend will thank you with endless cuddles, wet nose kisses, and a lifetime of unwavering loyalty.

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